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Best in earth.
MuoviTech is the European leader in products for geothermal energy, with own factories in Sweden, Finland, Poland, Netherlands, US and UK. Complete supplier of collectors, manifold chambers, distribution pipes, casing pipes, valves, fittings, and everything needed for installation until a heat pump / cooler.
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MuoviTech had Kick Off in Poland.
Product news was presented for the MuoviTech Group.
Premiere of Telecom Products!
MuoviTech expands the product range with Telecom.
MuoviTech has opened a factory in Norway.
It is MuoviTech´s sixth factory.

Developed on the inside

Turbo collector ® is a patented development of the traditional energy probe (with flat bore) and has a proven better heat transfer.

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Integrated Reducer Rollmaplast

External protective hat
For Optopipe 16, 20, 25, 31, 40 and 50mm

Ground loops - RC
Ground loops with a flat inside - RC

Speedfit Secure Gas Block Connector
Secure Gas Block approved for direct laying
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