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Casing pipes and Casing lids

Casing Cap 140/168 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Durable synthetic rubber with stainless steel clamps. Suitable casing 139.7 and 168.3. Comes standard with two collector outlet Ø 40 and the opportunity to raise two additional withdrawals.

1030 Casing cap 140-168mm Rubber 2x40mm (4x40mm )


Casing Pipes Muovitech
Steel pipes for permanent lining of boreholes

Casing Cap Composite
Prevent surface water leakage and arte significantly water

Casing Cap 140/168 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Casing Cap 140 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Drilling Footwear
For Tubex / Odex

Pot rubber Muovitech
Maximum seal

Exterior Protective
Temporary protection of wells
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