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Casing pipes and Casing lids

Casing Cap 140 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Durable synthetic rubber with stainless steel clamps. Suitable casing 139.7. Comes with two collector outlet Ø 40th

1030-140 Muovi Casing Cap 140mm Rubber 2x40mm


Casing Pipes Muovitech
Steel pipes for permanent lining of boreholes

Casing Cap Composite
Prevent surface water leakage and arte significantly water

Casing Cap 140/168 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Casing Cap 140 Rubber
Prevents surface leakage into the well

Drilling Footwear
For Tubex / Odex

Pot rubber Muovitech
Maximum seal

Exterior Protective
Temporary protection of wells
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