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Re-filling material for borehole

Product description of MuoviTerm
MuoviTerm is a dry mortar, made of natural clay minerals with the chemical resistance particularly designed for refilling of the geothermal wells. MuoviTerm is a reconstituted product which requires only the addition of water. The technical characteristics MuoviTerm exhibit can only be achieved if the material is mixed with the appropriate volume of water. Mix in a mixer-pump unit to obtain a completely homogeneous component. MuoviTerm containing a specific binding agent that exhibits particularly high resistance to water is aggressive against the concrete. MuoviTerm contains selected ingredients and are therefore suitable for use in water protection areas to protect groundwater.
All properties in MuoviTerm allows the injection provides a permanent high thermal efficiency. The thermal efficiency of the entire geoenergisystemet largely depends on the energy must be transferred as easily as possible between the rock and the heat transfer fluid with loss as low as possible. With MuoviTerm achieved a permanent connection between the rock and the collector through the optimized clay and mineral mix.
Use of MuoviTerm
Work Muoviterm mixed with water to a mixture that can be pumped. 25 kg MuoviTerm may be mixed with a volume of 11 - 15 liters of water. A perfect blend is obtained by using 15 liters of water per 25 kg MuoviTerm. MuoviTerm mixed in a mixer to a homogeneous mixture is obtained which is then injected by means of a PE tubes from the bottom to the top of the borehole. 
Benefits of using MuoviTerm
- High thermal conductivity (approx 2.0 W / mK)
- Permanent contact between the collector and rock
- Provides a more uniform heat exchange by the system
 - Protects groundwater
- Keeps a constant volume at all times
- Mix only with water in the workplace
- User friendly
- Resistant to sulphate
- Controlled during production
Mixing Parameter 1m ³ readymix = 1050 kg of MuoviTerm + 631 l water
Technical Specification
Density of ready-mix approx. 1.65 kg/m3
Viscosity (t0): 50 ħ 70 s
 Water separation <1.0%
Thermal conductivity: approx. 2.0 W / mK
Delivery and storage
- 25kg sacks on pallets.
- Store in a dry place.
All the data described in the product data sheet is measured under laboratory conditions of a normal measurement tolerances.



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Re-filling material for borehole

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